I am a Certified Compensation Professional with more than ten years of experience designing and implementing compensation plans for organizations ranging from a boutique consulting firm to Fortune 500 companies.   I have published papers with World at Work ranging from fundamentals such as the how to develop salary structures,  to cutting edge technologies such as leveraging GIS technology to determine appropriate geographic differentials.  I am also a frequent poster on LinkedIn and an active contributor to the World at Work forum.

Currently, I am responsible for developing and implementing the compensation strategy for a large tech Company in Seattle, the Bay, and with a sister Company in London.   Compensation is a passion of mine, and many of my “side” projects or musings that I have completed to help others can be found on this site.  Some of my more proud accomplishments include:

  • The development of a database that compensation professionals can use to manage all of their salary surveys and market matches
  • The design and publication of the largest public sector salary survey for the State of Texas for cities with populations over 10,000.  This survey can be found at www.citysalaries.com
  • The authorship of multiple white papers published by World at Work as well as technical guides for compensation practitioners that can be found within this website.