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Job Family Reviews are fairly intense exercises for both the business stakeholders and the Compensation practitioner.  Often the amount of work required for a comprehensive job family review is enough to discourage many business stakeholders from wanting to start the process.  Other times, the job family reviews are not a top priority, which means that all too often, after a job family review gets started, a new priority will come up and the job family review takes a back seat, leaving the compensation practitioner with an incomplete job review, and the business with wasted time and efforts.

So how do I drive the successful completion of job family reviews?  Aside from providing the benefit of refreshed career pathing and updated market data, I take a consultative approach and treat each business stakeholder like a client who deserves something tangible from their efforts.  That tangible item is a document that business leaders can use to have effective career development conversations with their employees.  Compensation is one aspect of retaining talent, but I would argue that an even more effective tool for retention is providing an environment where your employee’s intrinsic motivators such as mastery, autonomy and purpose are met.   Effective career development and detailed professional growth goals help to meet those three motivators and this document helps leaders to foster that growth for their employees.

So, each job family review document may be customized for your busines unit, but I like to provide the following items:

  • The Compensation Philosophy for the Organization
  • A vision document showing the actual career path
  • Job matrix showing the difference between each job level and the KSAs needed to move into the next level
  • The individual job descriptions
  • The salary ranges for each job
  • The market matches selected

Depending on the transparency of your organization, you might or might not include more or less of the bullets I’ve listed, above.


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