Market Pricing Tool

This tool is a free way for companies to track their market matches.  The set up only requires users to copy and paste their job information and survey data into two tables; it really is as easy as cutting and pasting.  Once the database tables are populated, there is a form that allows users to search jobs, survey data, and create market matches.  This tool is very basic, in order to ensure users with absolutely no previous MS Access experience can use it successfully.  Even though it’s basic, it’s tremendously useful and might even get rid of your need for a paid subscription service that costs tens of thousands of dollars per year.  Take a look, it’s free.  All I ask for is feedback…  good or bad.      🙂

To download the market pricing tool enter your email address, below, and you’ll receive a link to the file with the password.   (yahoo email addresses do not work):  

 For instructions on how to use the market pricing tool, click here.  




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