Salary Survey Manager

One of the more challenging tasks that compensation practitioners have, if they are working with multiple salary surveys, is how to maximize your efficiency with searching and reporting on various salary surveys. If your organization does not have the luxury of a Salary Survey Manager or Market Pricing tool like CompensationTool, or MarketPay, I cannot stress enough how MS Access might make your life easier.  As a demonstration of why I love MS Access so much, please find a salary survey manager I built that is leveraged to search and report on any number of salary surveys.  I’ve left the salary survey manager completely unlocked so you can not only load your own data, but  you can also make any changes to the tool that you’d like.

Screenshots of the database can be seen, below:

To download the database, just enter your name and email, below, and you’ll receive an email to download the database.  Personal email addresses, like Hotmail, yahoo, and gmail will NOT receive the email with the download link

The database is smart enough to filter by salary surveys, job title key words, base salary range (min and max), key words in the job description, and key words in the survey scope.  This is my go-to tool for searching through my numerous salary surveys, and printing salary survey reports, like the report, below:


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