Market Pricing Tools
After my success developing the Microsoft Access database, the logical next step was to create a web-based version, and was born. is based out of Seattle and offers a highly intuitive user interface – because it was built and designed by a practitioner – and the most affordable software subscription. is designed to offer the easiest and most streamlined experience for the activities Compensation Analysts spends 90% of their time on, such as market pricing jobs, creating reports. is offering free subscriptions to early-adopters in exchange for feedback as the tool continues to be developed.  As an early adopter you can play an integral part of the design of the software so it meets your needs.  For additional information, reach out to me,

  • Clean and simple user interface
  • Instant reporting functionality
  • Integrated workflow processes to manage market reviews with business partners
  • Change logs for all updates to market matches
  • Incredibly affordable – fully functional compensation software packages starting at $6,000 per year

Below, you can find a short video with highlights of the CompensationTool’s features.

Market Pay

MarketPay Associates, LLC was founded in the year 2000 by former consultants from major compensation consulting firms and launched the MarketPay On-Line Market Pricing System, which changed the way compensation professionals worked with survey data. Over the years MarketPay’s client base has grown to over 650 organizations, as we continued to add features and functionality to the system.  Recently, MarketPay was acquired by, based out of Seattle.

  • Point & Click Market Pricing
  • Automated Survey Participation
  • Powerful Report Writer
  • Data Analytics
  • Merit and Structure Modeling

Excel Less. Succeed More.
PayFactors compensation suite provides innovative features and advanced analysis capabilities combined with a comprehensive source of market data covering over 4,000 jobs, all at an affordable price.  PayFactors was founded by HR and compensation technology veterans who are using modern technology to bring innovation to the world of compensation management, an area that hasn’t changed in the last 10+ years.

  • Salary survey management tools
  • Market data from PayFactors
  • Salary Structure Modeling
  • Salary survey participation tools

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The CompAnalyst Compensation Analytics module allows quick, easy analysis of your internal pay practices against market rates. Ensure pay program competitiveness versus the market, analyze internal pay equity, model the cost of performance-based merit increase programs and adjust your compensation plans accordingly.

  • Compare your internal base, bonus and incentive data to market rates.
  • Compare actual pay to targets to assess internal equity.
  • Analyze at the group, job, employee or manager level.
  • Analyze pay practices year over year and compare across multiple countries.
  • Identify groups or individuals that are under/overpaid.

Global compensation management is about striking the right balance. Willis Towers Watson Compensation Software helps global companies design, build and manage an effective compensation structure that places total compensation within the context of performance, market benchmarks and systemwide equity.

  • Compensation Data — Gain perspective on compensation strategies and decisions with access to comprehensive data from every corner of the globe.
  • Compensation Management — Create a pay-for-performance culture that rewards the best employees and improves their engagement and retention.
  • Job Leveling — Determine the value of jobs across a global organization to achieve a balanced compensation structure and establish a foundation for effective talent management.
  • Compensation Reporting and Analytics — Visualize compensation data from multiple dimensions to identify opportunities in the organization and in the labor market.
  • Total Rewards Statements — Demonstrate to candidates and employees the true market value of compensation packages in an intuitive digital statement.

Justin-Hampton’s Microsoft Access Database Market Pricing Tool.
As a challenge to myself to see if I could recreate a market pricing tool, I spent several months working on an access database to create a basic market matching tool.  The database is very, very simple – but it does work exceptionally well to create market matches and market match reports for business partners.  The software is totally free, and I’m happy to help you get set up with it.  The link to download the database can be found here:  Download the Market Pricing Tool